In demand around
the world.

Our expertise in machine and process engineering

for the food industry.

Complex requirements.
Innovative systems solutions.
Uncompromising quality.


We develop, design and build stand-alone components

and complex production line solutions in the segments of form pressing,

pasteurization/cooking and cooling systems and separation.

Solutions that are tailor-made for your particular needs and requirements.

Different perspectives open our eyes to see new solutions.

Remaining Focused.

Goal-oriented thinking – solution-oriented actions.

We are familiar with the processes so we are able

to offer you solutions that meet your needs.

We do not consider ourselves to be machine and plant engineers exclusively.

Indeed, we support you by providing advice on applications as well as

on product and process development –

on site or in our laboratories.


An established partner

in the food industry.


Form pressing

the highest yield with minimum operating costs.

Machines and complete plants

for meat form pressing.

Maximum yield

Minimum Give-Away

Lower raw material costs

Attractive product presentation

Optimized process automation


long shelf life and high cost efficiency.

Continuous systems for pasteurization as well as cooking and cooling of packaged food.

No damaged packages

High degree of product safety

Long shelf life

Consistent quality

Optimized production planning


high degree of reproducibility
and consistent quality of the product.

Machines for the efficient separation of hard and soft parts of potatoes, vegetables and fruit.

Maximum yield

Excellent product quality

Lower raw material costs

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